Consultation Cont.

Part Two: Medical Information
Have you ever been given a mental health diagnosis?
Have you, or a loved one, ever felt concerned about your eating habits?  
Have, or do you, over-exercise or experience symptoms of over-training? 
Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder, an excessive exercise disorder, or body dysmorphic disorder?
Have you been to therapy before?
Do you have a current mental health therapist?
Do you have a current psychiatrist?
Did you list all of your current psychiatric medications above?
Have you ever attempted suicide?
In the last 12 months?
Do you currently feel suicidal?
Do you have a plan?
Do you have weapons in your home?
Can you contract to be safe until a therapist can contact you?
Has anyone in your family or anyone else close to you committed suicide?
Have you had thoughts of harming someone else?
Have you ever had trouble controlling your anger?
For example, arrested, throwing things, hit people/things.
Do you hear voices or see things that others don’t?
Do you feel safe in your home?
Is there any physical, emotional, or sexual abuse currently in your life or in your past?