Marriage and Family Therapy with Personal Training? Say WHAT?!

Creating a lifestyle change involves more than working out with a trainer a few times a week, it takes a serious understanding of yourself and how your cumulative life experiences have forced you to feel trapped in a life you don’t love; often leading to the acting out of un-healthy patterns and believing that you’ve peaked, believing that your life is the best it’s ever going to get.  So, what is marriage and family therapy? And how can it enhance your fitness and increase your overall health and wellness?    

Marriage and family therapy is a style of psychotherapy that works with individuals, couples, and families to nurture change and development.  This method of therapy views change in terms of the systems of interactions between people and family members, friends, culture, society, and the world; also focusing on how elements of trauma, mental illness, general and medical conditions, personality, career, academics, government, racial identity, gender, and sexual orientation influence wellbeing and thus, effect a person’s lifestyle.  Regardless of whether or not you consider your unfit lifestyle to be an individual or family issue, involving your family in the solution is often beneficial.  This involvement is commonly accomplished by the exploration of intergenerational family patterns, family or origin issues, family roles, rules, and boundaries; or through your family’s direct participation in the therapy session.

BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness has created a novel way of approaching health and wellness.  You could think of it as a “2 for 1 deal”.  When working with BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness, you will experience the benefits of working with a clinician who will not only assess and understand the physical aspects of your health, but also the mental, emotional, relational, and cultural aspects as well.  Imagine meeting 3 times a week with the same health practitioner – 2 personal training sessions and 1 therapy session – someone who is dedicated to accompanying you in all areas of your journey.  A professional trained in thinking systemically, a person who can connect the dots between your lowered level of motivation and your heightened amount of daily stress, someone who can identify the triggers that lead you to certain patterns of thinking and emotional eating, a professional who can help you process how your past experiences of grief or trauma influence your daily ability to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life.

BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness will guide you--as an individual, couple, or family--in restructuring your lifestyle.  In a safe, supportive, and empowering environment you will get serious workouts designed to achieve and maintain your personalized fitness objectives, coupled with specialized therapy sessions based upon your self-designed treatment goals.  Create healthy, long-lasting, realistic lifestyle change.

BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness tenaciously believes in YOU and your ability to be Well, be powerful, and be alive.

Take care and self care,
Jessica, BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness Owner