What's Different about BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness?

As "BeYOU" nears its 1st Anniversary, I'm reflecting on all the conversations I've had with people about BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness.  Here's the most common FAQ that comes up:

So what makes BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness different?  You probably don't think you're the type of person who could use professional help in changing their lifestyle.  You got this.  Maybe that type of help would work for someone else but you probably wouldn't benefit from personal training, and even more so, marriage and family therapy.  Besides, with today's social media platforms being the new playground for a booming wellness industry, you have access to all the health and wellness information you need to make a lifestyle change.  Websites, blogs, YouTube.  Weight loss programs and products sold by coaches, online platforms for personal training, apps that literally monitor your every move...these tools can teach you how to eat right, move your body, or meditate.  So why bother considering the services at BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness? 

Reason #1.  To become less reactive and more proactive.  Something needs to change!  Aren't you sick of seeing the doctor because of something you've been doing to yourself for 1, 5, 10 years?  In our culture we tend to react. We wait for life to happen to us instead of proactively making choices that set us up for years of success.  Mental health therapy is a powerful, personal-development tool that can be used to shift your thinking into a proactive state of mind and change un-healthy behaviors before it's too late.  It's tough to do it alone.  Use a trained professional to help you make the switch and reap the benefits!   

2.  Because something is missing: connection.  YOU, you're missing.  ME, I'm missing.  Our relationship is missing.  We think we have the world at our fingertips, or should I say, our Google searches. We look to our screens hoping to find a solution that makes sense...a new diet program or a new workout philosophy.  And where do you think most of this searching happens?  In our cubicles, on our couches, or in our bedrooms as we lay illuminated by blue light. In the quest to become better, we've lost something special and essential: each other; and we need this connection--not just to survive but to THRIVE.  Human beings grow, play, and change through relationships. It's our nature, we're born social creatures. Connection is a part of our DNA.  Use this to your advantage by working with an actual person; someone who looks at pictures of your dog, who laughs at your jokes, and who wants the best for your kids too.  Someone who genuinely cares about you because they know you.

3.  You need SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  They say doing the same thing and expecting different results is...well, not the best approach.  If you've struggled with yo-yo dieting, if you have lost weight and gained it back, if you feel stuck in life and aren't sure what to do, or if you are depressed, anxious, or stressed -- DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Break out of your same-old-same-old (therapists call this "homeostasis"), and surprise yourself.  Tap into your unlimited potential by making a change!  

I provide comprehensive care; an approach that attends to the whole self.  This way of thinking is the future of healthcare.  Call 608-620-3880 and let BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness be a part of your future as well.  Or reach out to me through the website: www.RecreateYourLifestyle.com

Take care and Self-Care,