Personal Training


Personal Trainers play a significant role in the lives of those who wish to lose weight, get and stay in shape, or even recover from injury.  

In addition to the support of safe and effective exercises, and workable solutions for lifestyle change, Jessica's training and experience will help you understand how to use exercise, mindfulness, and nutritional guidance to promote healing and improve your mental health.




Increased integration of the body and mind.  A deepening of personal well-being through awareness of your somatic experience

Free local gym membership that includes hydro-massage. One-on-one customized, personal fitness training sessions designed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Consultation with your primary physician and other health care providers to ensure you receive the most complete, overall care.

Meal and menu planning guidance, grocery shopping assistance, recipes, and help using fitness apps.

Early registration opportunities for BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness boot camps, support groups, and seminars.


BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness Owner & Founder Jessica has a sincere desire to understand her clients and their needs. Rather than offer ‘cookie cutter’ training sessions, she accommodates your strength, endurance and physical limitations. She pushes her clients to the next level, but does it in a way that is fun and rewarding.
— R. Shevde, Client