We offer in-office marriage and family therapy sessions in conjunction with a client-driven treatment plan. Marriage and family therapy is a style of therapy that works with individuals, couples, and families to nurture change and development. This method of therapy views change in terms of the systems of interactions between people and family members, friends, culture, society, and the world. It focuses on how elements of trauma, mental illness, general and medical conditions, racial identity, gender, sexual orientation, personality, career, academics, and more can affect a person’s life. Your sessions are designed to offer support and facilitate growth in all areas of your life.




Creation of a health and wellness genogram, an assessment of inter-generational family patterns that pertain to your current health and wellness.

Personal Wellness Goals (PWG) questionnaire (designed by BeYOUtiful Founder and Owner Jessica Warpula Schultz) and periodic 90-day reviews of goal attainment.

Utilization of personality assessments to help our team determine what motivates you and how we should structure training sessions.

Therapy techniques aimed at increasing self-worth and self-acceptance.

Application of the Transtheoretical model to better inform our team on your stage of change to help inform us how we can continue to better help you move forward.

Psycho-education on topics related to self-care, lifestyle change and maintenance, the mind-body connection, physical and mental fitness, and much more.


I found that working with someone who was able to motivate me to be my best on the inside, resulted in me being my best on the outside.
— M. Omata, Client