People come into our lives and impact us in ways we may never have thought possible. Having Jess in my life has taught me that  fitness is a journey and a lifestyle, and success is not defined by the number on the scale. I have a new mindset about what it means to be healthy. The health of the body is equally as important as the health of the mind and that is something I had never considered before. I’m grateful that I had the chance to meet Jess on my journey. She will push you and support you and never let you stop believing in yourself. 
— C. Propst, Client

Working with Jess is a unique experience. She believes physical fitness goes hand-in-hand with mental well-being. Jess understands where you are at in life, what you need, and how to help you accomplish your goals.

— M. Omata, Client

I truly enjoyed working with Jess. Jess is very kind and compassionate to everyone that she works with. She has a sincere desire to understand her clients and their needs and design work outs to fit these specific needs. 
— R. Shevde, Client

I would highly recommend Jessica Warpula Schultz. With her help I was able to go back to school, at the age of 68, and get my PhD.
— D. Bahr, PhD, PE., Client




Jessica is a systemic thinker taking a holistic approach when working with individuals, couples or families. Believing that the integration of mind, body and soul leads to greater healing, Jessica is committed to working collaboratively with you to achieve BeYOUtiful results.
— T. Conrad, LMFT

I continue to be impressed with Jess; not only her professionalism but also her ability to be intuitive to the needs of the person she is working with. The melding of her two areas of interest, physical health and well-being and improving mental health, fit together well and just make sense. Thanks to Jess, she has made finding balance between these two aspects of one’s life a much easier process.
— W. Hutter, PsyD, LMFT