Workshops are a great way to promote lifestyle wellness for your employees, local organization, college campus, school, and more. We are committed to helping people live the happiest and healthiest lives they can, and we love the opportunity to share our tools and strategies with groups of people. Our classes are available for any group size and in a flexible, collaborative format.



Program Highlights

All workshop themes are collaboratively agreed upon and designed.

We offer topical presentations on a wide range of mental and physical health topics, including: movement & exercise, fitness, lifestyle wellness, stress relief, work/life balance, and more.

 Because all workshops are collaborative, we're able to offer a variety of formats that best accommodate your group from presenter-run how-to’s to interactive lunch and learns, and more.

From a small groups to large audiences, we're happy to work with any sized group.

Depending on availability and structure, workshops can run 1-2 hours.

We work hard to create a fun and open learning environment, providing psychoeducation on various topics, help identify life improvement strategies and more.